Top Athletes and Social Media


Top Athletes and Their Social Media Stats

By the time you read this post, Cristiano Ronaldo will have passed 50 million Likes on his Facebook fan page.  50 million likes!  That is about 5% of Facebook’s total population which is absolutely incredible when you think about it.  Social media and athletes is a match made in heaven and in fact many of the top influencers in the social media world are athletes.  Ronaldo is actually the first athlete in social media to pass the 50 million Like mark although there are a number of musicians and celebrities who have passed that 50 million mark.

The funny thing is that if you look at the list, all of the athletes on there actually use social media responsibly.  They don’t talk about their baby mama drama or their cheating wives.  They don’t talk too much smack about their competition and they have never had to issue a public apology about something they posted or the perennial boneheaded favorite “my account was hacked,” as if anyone believes that.  The truth is that while the controversial stuff is fun to follow in the heat of the moment, the athletes that share quality content with their followers are winning the social media popularity battle.  The ones who are controversial or say really provocative stuff get a momentary spike and then quickly disappear again.  The proof is right there omn the chart below that quality content wins in the long run.

Sure it may be hard not to say some of the stuff these fierce competitors want to say, but the truly good ones realize that they have become brands and when they say stupid stuff it tarnishes their image and their ultimate value of their brand.  Below is a list of athletes who will be around for the long run because the recognize the value of their athletic brands.  I am also proud to say that we have worked with 3 of the 10 on the list in one capacity or another in the social media space.


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