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Social Media Coach for Athletes provide social media training and services to teams and organizations at every level of the athletic world.  Whether it is a social media policy, training or a crisis management plan, our company has experience in creating and implementing them all.

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Teams and organizations must be prepared for everything in today's "always on" world

With social media being such a hot topic in the world of sports, everyone is trying to find the right balance of how to use social media without it working against you.  Social media monitoring is one solution that teams and organizations seem to be embracing today, yet we believe it is ineffective as a stand alone strategy.  By the time an offending post or tweet shows up in the monitoring tool it is simply too late.  You can’t “unring a bell” and you can’t take a post back.  The best way to ensure that your team and organization is protected and actually creating opportunities  is to provide your players and other personnel with responsible and effective social media skill development training.

In today’s rapidly evolving world of social media, fans, sponsors, boosters, parents and just about everyone else in the world are capable of gathering information and news the minute it happens.  Just a few short years ago, teams and organizations were able to control their messages to the general public for the most part.  Messaging was consistent with the goals and values of the team and organizations because the information flowed through the hands and mouths a few people who knew the message and delivered it according to the plan.   Today, there are literally hundreds of people associated with your team or organization who can put news out into the social media world and have it come back and effect you.  Essentially, everyone around you has an open microphone where they are able to share their thoughts and opinions with their own audience and often times the world at large.  You have lost the ability to control the message in the same way you could a few years ago.  This new environment calls for a whole new type of training, preparation and policy enforcement.

sports teams and social mediaThe news is not all bad though, as social media can also be a tremendous tool for teams and organization to build brand equity and spread their messaging far and wide.  In fact, there is truly no better tool for fan interaction with both the team and players than social media.  Athletes are all over the “most popular” lists of social media sites around the world and fans want more every day.  Social media is also ripe with opportunities for sponsorship activation, merchandising, marketing, and fan relationship management.  All of these areas require skills that many traditional marketers have not fully developed. While many of the principles are the same, the strategies and execution have a very definite learning curve which many teams have experienced firsthand.  Social Media Coach For Athletes can help you short circuit the learning curve by putting our experience to work for you because whatever you may need in the social media world, it is more than likely we have done it…multiple times.


 Team and Organization Training & Services

The list below is an example of the training and services Social Media Coach For Athletes provides to teams and organizations at every level of the athletics world.

  • Player social media skill development
  • Personnel social media skill development
  • Policy development
  • Crisis management planning
  • Fan/community development
  • Social media property development and maintenance
  • Content calendaring and distribution management
  • Sponsorship activation
  • Marketing services


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