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Major League Sports LogosSocial Media Coach For Athletes has multiple clients in most professional sports leagues including the NFL. NBA and MLB.  We also have clients on the PGA Tour, Major League Soccer, FIFA and a variety of extreme and minor league sports.  Our training can be done live in person or via Skype, in one single session or in shorter multiple sessions.  Each training program is customized for the individual athlete based upon their level of experience and goals for their social media efforts.

pro athletes on social mediaWe provide social media training for professional athletes so they can be equipped with the critical skills necessary for communication with their fans and the world at large.  By the time an athlete has reached the professional ranks they have undoubtedly been coached tens of thousands of hours in every aspect of their sport by a myriad of different people.  This coaching is all focused around creating a framework to support each athlete on their quest to reach their maximum potential.  Athletic coaching always begins with teaching the athlete the fundamental skills of the game.  Once the fundamentals are understood, the coaching progresses to position specific drills and coaching, strength, speed, conditioning, nutrition, sports psychology, and much more.  While millions of people understand the fundamentals of many sports, it is the additional and specialized coaching in the finer aspects of the game that separate elite professional athlete from the masses.  Continuous coaching, learning, and dedication are an integral part of the quest to becoming a professional athlete.  Why then do many professional athletes think that they are equipped to use social media on such a broad scale with only an understanding of the fundamentals?

Imagine the average 22 year-old man trying to hit a 95 mile per hour fast ball thrown by a major league pitcher.  How about that same guy trying to catch a pass thrown by an NFL quarterback with a few defensive backs sitting back and looking for the big hit.  How about the same guy trying to make a simple layup against an NBA guard?   Those scenarios are laughable when you think about them, yet we see this very same scenario play out every day when professional athletes use social media, only with stakes that are much higher.

social media training Social Media Coach for Athletes is dedicated to responsible and effective social media skill development for professional athletes.  Most of them already know and understand the fundamentals of social media, but they have never received the specialized coaching that provides a framework for their success at the next level… and they are certainly at a higher level of social media than most people.  It is no coincidence that many professional athletes have social media audiences in the millions of fans.  Many professional athletes seek out traditional media training so they are better equipped to talk with the traditional media during interviews.  What they frequently fail to realize is that their social media audiences are often bigger than the traditional media outlets, yet they talk freely in social media without any formal training.

People are crazy about sports and social media provides fans access to their favorite athletes like never before.  On the other side of the equation, athletes are opening their lives up to fans and providing them access to other parts of their lives…more than just their on field or court persona.  With this increased access for fans and increased reach for athletes,  comes a greater responsibility to be sure that what they are saying will not hurt them and this is where many professional athletes fall down.  They fail to understand that just because they have the ability to share a thought with the world at larger, they still have the right to remain silent!  Every thought, photo, opinion, and deal point do not have to be shared via social media.  Some things are still better left unsaid or talked about at some other time.  Knowing what to say, how to say it and when to say it are all critical components of success in social media for professional athletes.


Social Media Training Topics

These are only a few of the topics we cover in our social media training for professional athletes program.  We customize every training session for each athlete based upon their individual experience, skills and goals.

  • Fan Building
  • Fan Communication
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Crisis Management
  • Social Media Endorsements
  • Revenue Stream Creation

 Professional Athletes And Social Media

Take a look at this great ESPN Outside The Lines video examining professional athletes and their use of Twitter and other social media platforms.  It features NFL Safety, Chris Harris, NFL Linebacker, Kirk Morrison,  sports agent, Drew Rosenhous and CNBC’s Sports Reporter Darren Rovell among others.






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