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Social Media Coach For Athletes provides responsible and effective social media skill development to college athletes around the United States.  There is no doubt that social media and college athletes can be a match made in heaven, but without the proper training it can also lead a student-athlete down the path to ruin.  There is no time in an athlete’s journey that is more restrictive than when they are in college.  The NCAA has strict guidelines on what a college athlete can and cannot do in almost every aspect of their college sports careers, however, social media use for college athletes is still a grey area to say the least.  We help college athletes navigate the tricky waters of social media and college athletics and ensure that they are armed with the tools and knowledge to stay in compliance with the rules and provide the best chance for success at the professional level.

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College Sports Equals Big Money For Schools

Participating in college athletics is a huge commitment on the part of the student-athlete.  During the season many college athletes are required to spend more than 40 hours per week participating in their chosen sport and the number is not much lower in the off season.  Whether it is on the filed or off the field, these athletes are being coached in a variety of areas to ensure that are not only prepared for games, but that they are able to perform at peak levels.  College athletics provides a major revenue stream to many colleges and universities so they truly try to leave nothing to chance.  The actively seek out and court the best coaches in the world in every possible sport and niche in an effort to provide that small edge that will help them to win.  The truth is the more a collegiate team wins, the more attention they get, and in the end the more money they make.  With so much time and money on the line, it is astounding that more universities do not train their athletes on the responsible use of social media.

If an athlete is participating in a major sport in Division 1, it is likely that he or she will be on television and seen by millions of people.  Fans love their college sports and want to be a part of them in every way, as evidenced by many college football and basketball programs bringing in more fans than their professional league counterparts.

Crazy College Basketball fans

Duke student basketball fans camp out for days in order to get tickets to a big game

It is not hard to see how this media attention and “star” status around campus could prove to be confusing to college athletes when they communicate through social media.  Couple that confusion with the fact that college students are amongst the heaviest users of social media, and that they have been using social media for years, and you have a disaster waiting to happen.  There are hundreds of examples of major problems created by improper uses of social media by college athletes and the saddest part is that they never needed to happen.  With some basic training on how to use it effectively and responsibly, social media can become a powerful and positive tool for athletes, teams and organizations.

College Athlete Social Media Training Topics

These are just some of the areas that Social Media Coach For Athletes focuses on when training college athletes in the responsible and effective use of social media.  Each program is custom designed after carefully reviewing the individual college guidelines, the latest information from the NCAA and a variety of other factors.

  • School Guidelines
  • NCAA Guidelines
  • The Role Of the Student Athlete
  • Responsibility To The Team
  • Personal vs Public Communication
  • Social Media Privacy Myths
  • Social Media – Media Training


Impact of Social Media On College Athletics

In this video former Syracuse University Volleyball coach, Carol LaMarche talks about the impact of social media and college athletes.


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