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Football + Social Media = Love

As opening day approaches for both the NFL and the English Premier League (soccer for those of you who don’t know), we thought it would be interesting to see who shows their love the most through social media.

When it comes to the leagues themselves, the NFL rules the day on both Facebook and Twitter.  The love for the group that runs the game of bone crushing hits between 300lb behemoths with a pigskin  is greater in social media than that of the organization who runs the game of futbol…or soccer as we call it here in the United States.  The funny thing is that the English Premier League dominates when it come to love for the individual teams.  Manchester United is the clear leader with more than 27 million fans on Facebook with both Chelsea and Arsenal boasting more than 11 million fans.  That is more than double the number of fans the leading NFL team, The Dallas Cowboys, reach through their Facebook page.  Now don’t get me wrong, I think the NFL team pages have a lot better content on them, (take a look at The Pittsburgh Steelers Facebook Page) but the EPL has the whole world as a fanbase, where the NFL fan base is predominantly in the US.  Of course, the NFL would likely dispute that, but the numbers don’t lie.  The funny thing is that the fan engagement numbers for NFL Teams are slightly higher than those of the EPL teams and at the end of the day it is all about engagement.


Football Leagues and Social Media

While the EPL’s major clubs — which play exhibition matches around the world and compete in the annual international Champions League — have incredibly strong global brands, social numbers suggest that the NFL has higher popularity as a league. The NFL’s official Facebook and Twitter pages total a combined following of about 10 million users, while the equivalent EPL accounts total about 2 million followers.  Football and Social Media are here to stay.



ELP-NFL Infographic




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