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DirectTV and The Brothers Manning Make Social Media Gold


Unless you have been living under a rock, you have undoubtedly seen clips of Eli and Peyton Manning’s Football For Your Phone video that has been everywhere.  There have been small clips from the full video all over television, but if you want to see the whole video you have to go to social media.  Who would have thought that the the brothers Manning could make social media gold, but they sure did.  Even big papa, Archie Manning, gets into the mix.  Take a look at the whole video below.


Ok.. so let me apologize, because I know that you can’t get that saying “It’s football for your phone…” out of your head right now.  Scary right?

Actually a brilliant piece of marketing for DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket NFL package, the song and video extoll the virtues of “football on your phone.” The sight of Peyton and Eli — two of the NFL’s top players — riffing off their dorky personalities in ridiculous costumes, became a massive hit on the sports  Internet when the video was released.  It spread like wildfire through social media and the we all see the Mannings in a completely different light.  Of course this is not the first great clip for Payton Manning in social media.  Who could forget the SNL skit with Manning that the NFL made people take down from websites until just recently?

Whether it is Peyton, Eli, Archie or any other athlete, there is certainly an opportunity for them in the world of social media.

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