Jared Sullinger’s “Bulging Dicks” Costs Him Millions

ESPN Analyst Reports on Bulging Dicks

Slips of tongue and verbal mistakes are not only limited to athletes like Amare Stoudemire, who was all over the news this week with his foolish tweet that cost him $50,000 in fines and a lot of goodwill.  It seems that ESPN analyst, Andy Katz, had a little verbal mistake when he meant to report on former Ohio State basketball star’s potential medical problems.  What he said was actually slightly different from the truth and will go down as one of the all time best sports bloopers!

Anydy kats bulging dicksIt seems the Ohio State star experienced draft day disappointment although the rest of the world got a kick from Katz’s report on the issue.  Sullinger would have likely been a top 10 pic but his medical condition gave many teams pause in how this would all play out.  A number of teams were concerned in his pre draft workouts, interviews and medical examinations that he might not be able to play up to his full potential due to his reported medical problem.  According to Katz, Sullinger’s “bulging dicks” was the reason that many of the teams passed him by in the early rounds.  Of course this was a verbal mistake and he meant to say bulging disks, but once it is out there… it is out there.

This blooper seems to be tailor made for the You Tube era, where the video has received tens of thousands of views.  You see, nobody is safe from exposure in this social media world, because there is always someone watching and ready to report.  While obviously all fo the training in the world could not have prevented this social media snafu, the more social media training sports figures receive, the better prepared they will be when something unavoidable happens.  There are a number of things Kats should have done in this case, but instead he has remained silent and let the social media world have a field day with his video.  Oh well… you might as well enjoy the video too!




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