College Recruiting Tip: 3 Ways To Get Crossed Off The Coach’s List

College Recruiting Tips To Keep You In The Game


name crossed off the listBy now you know that every coach sends out hundreds or not thousands of letters to prospective recruits every year.  You also know that just because you have received a letter form the coach does not mean you are being actively recruited, it simply means they know your name and want to see how interested you are in their program.  For the sake of this article, let’s assume that you are interested, have responded to the letter, filled out the questionnaire and made some type of contact with the coach.  You are doing everything right and want to make sure you stay on that coach’s list of prospects.  What can you do to make sure that you stay on the list?  These are three things that may cause a high school athlete in the recruiting process to be removed from a coach’s list, but are completely preventable.



There have been millions of stories of athletes who have been admitted to colleges that they were completely unqualified to attend, but the coach pulled some strings to get them in…even though they could not read or write.  We are not saying that has never happened, but the stories are greatly exaggerated.  You MUST keep your grades up and keep working all the way through the end of you senior year.  Make sure that you meet all of the core course requirements and core GPA requirements.  Even if you have struggled with some of the core classes, it does not mean that you are immediately off the list.  As long as you can show that you know you have struggled and have a plan to improve your grades, the coach may choose to keep you on the list and even help you determine what the best course of action is to get into the school.  The one thing you never want to do is withhold or delay your transcipts.  That is an immediate red flag and will likely be removed from the list immediately.  If the team wants you badly enough, they will work with you to get you on the right track and show you what you may need to do in order to attend school there.  Like we said earlier, don’t expect miracles, but know that the coach will do what he can to help you help yourself.



Of course one of the most important elements to staying on the coach’s list is your athletic ability.  You must be sure to have a highlight video where you showcase your abilities and where you are easy to identify.  If you are hard to find in the video, you are making it hard on the coach who is probably looking at a hundred highlight tapes.  The more difficult your is to watch, the more likely you are to be dropped from the list.  You should also have one complete game film that you can send to the coach at a moments notice in the event they ask for one.  Remember that they will watch a highlight video to decide if they want to evaluate a game film.  If you don’t have ne wen they ask, it can hurt your chances of staying on the list.  You may even want to take a look at getting a quality third party evaluation to be sure that you are being objective.



Yep…you read that correctly.  Parents who create problems can be one very big reasons prospects are dropped from a coach’s list.  If one of you parents is a problem at every game, you can be sure that the college coaches do not want to deal with them.  Don’t think for a minute that your high school coach will not tell your prospective college coach about your parents.  If they had to deal with problem parents for the past 4 years they are going to let the recruiting coach know.  Once the coach hears about a problem with the parents, you can be sure that you are going to be dropped from the list.


Those are just three factors that could get you dropped from a coach’s list of recruits, but there are many more.  These three are in your control, so be sure that you give yourself the best chance by making sure you have all of these items well in hand during the recruiting process.




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