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Peyton & Eli Manning – Social Media Gold

Professional Athletes and Social Media

DirectTV and The Brothers Manning Make Social Media Gold

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have undoubtedly seen clips of Eli and Peyton Manning’s Football For Your Phone video that has been everywhere.  There have been small clips from the full video all over television, but if you want to see the whole video you have to go to social media.  Who would have thought that the the brothers Manning could make social media gold, but they sure did.  Even big papa, Archie Manning, gets into the mix.  Take a look at the whole video below.

Ok.. so let me apologize, because I know that you can’t get that saying “It’s football for your phone…” out of your head right now.  Scary right?

Actually a brilliant piece of marketing for DirecTV’s Su...

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Top Athletes and Social Media


Top Athletes and Their Social Media Stats

By the time you read this post, Cristiano Ronaldo will have passed 50 million Likes on his Facebook fan page.  50 million likes!  That is about 5% of Facebook’s total population which is absolutely incredible when you think about it.  Social media and athletes is a match made in heaven and in fact many of the top influencers in the social media world are athletes.  Ronaldo is actually the first athlete in social media to pass the 50 million Like mark although there are a number of musicians and celebrities who have passed that 50 million mark.

The funny thing is that if you look at the list, all of the athletes on there actually use social media responsibly.  They don’t talk about their baby mama drama or their cheating wives...

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Social Media Football vs Football

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Football + Social Media = Love

As opening day approaches for both the NFL and the English Premier League (soccer for those of you who don’t know), we thought it would be interesting to see who shows their love the most through social media.

When it comes to the leagues themselves, the NFL rules the day on both Facebook and Twitter.  The love for the group that runs the game of bone crushing hits between 300lb behemoths with a pigskin  is greater in social media than that of the organization who runs the game of futbol…or soccer as we call it here in the United States.  The funny thing is that the English Premier League dominates when it come to love for the individual teams.  Manchester United is the clear leader with more than 27 million fans on Facebook with both Chelsea and Arsenal...

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Jabar Gaffney Released From Redskins After Twitter Meltdown?

Was Irresponsible Social Media The Downfall of Jabar Gaffney?

The Redskins leading wide receiver, Jabar Gaffney, was released from the team today after leading the Washington receivers in almost every category last year.  The 10-year veteran was scheduled to make $2.65 million this year and was recently quoted as saying he was willing to restructure his deal if that would keep him in a Redskins uniform.  The answer was clearly NO!

Jabar Gaffney

Jabar Gaffney—Keith Allison (

As you may remember, Gaffney had a very public meltdown on Twitter last month where he made a bunch of Tweets that quickly became a trending topic around the world.  His inflammatory comments were wild accusations against other players and his “future ex-wife...

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