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Top 10 Differences Between Elite Athletes and Regular Athletes

Elite Athletes

What Makes Elite Athletes?

When we hear the term “Elite Athlete” most people think of the athlete who gets all of the accolades and is in the local newspaper or website on a weekly basis.  While there is likely truth in that interpretation, the reality is there are many elite athletes who never make it to the news at all.  They are elite because they have the right mindset and attitude towards their particular sport and life in general.  It is this group of people who make up the bulk of all NCAA athletes who played without recognition in High School and went on to play college sports.Elite Athletes

If we look at Division 1 college football for example, there are approximately 12,650 players in the 115 programs...

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NCAA Social Media Rules Confusing To Experts

Find The NCAA Social Media Rules Violation Below

What is the sense in kidding anybody.  The NCAA social media rules are confusing…or at least… easy to misinterpret…as evidenced by the CEO of Twitter , Dick Costolo, when he recently committed a NCAA recruiting violation.

Take a look at what happened:

ncaa social media rules violation

Wilton Speight is a 2014 quarterback recruit who is committed to Michigan.  He tweeted a congratulatory message to his future team mate, George Campbell, a wide receiver from the 2015 class who recently committed to Michigan.  So far, nor NCAA social media rules violations.

A Michigan Booster, who also happens to be the CEO of Twitter, must have forgotten that he is not allowed to contact recruits in any way shape or form…even if they have already signed a National Letter of Intent or a...

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College Recruiting Tip: 3 Ways To Get Crossed Off The Coach’s List

College Recruiting Tips To Keep You In The Game

name crossed off the listBy now you know that every coach sends out hundreds or not thousands of letters to prospective recruits every year.  You also know that just because you have received a letter form the coach does not mean you are being actively recruited, it simply means they know your name and want to see how interested you are in their program.  For the sake of this article, let’s assume that you are interested, have responded to the letter, filled out the questionnaire and made some type of contact with the coach.  You are doing everything right and want to make sure you stay on that coach’s list of prospects.  What can you do to make sure that you stay on the list?  These are three things that may cause a high school athlete in the recruiting proce...

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Athletic Scholarship and Recruiting Myths Debunked

Increase Your Athletic Scholarship And Recruiting Opportunities With Social Media

If you ask 10 people about these myths none of them will give you the same answers and none of them will be right.  The truth is that the recruiting game has changed for high school athletes and continues to change rapidly.  In order to get the the best possible answers, we went straight to the source and surveyed more than 250 college coaches.  Their answers to the most common athletic scholarship myths are below.

If you are good enough college coaches will find you

athleteic scolarship and recruiting myths debunkedNothing could be further from the truth and this one costs many potential athletes to miss their athletic scholarship opportunity...

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Warning: Social Media Has Changed NCAA Recruiting Forever

There is no doubt that social media has forever changed the way college coaches are recruiting high school athletes for their programs.  While the NCAA’s overall social media policies are unclear to say the least, when it comes to social media and recruiting, the NCAA does have specific rules.

NCAA Recruiting & Social Media Rules

These are the official rules on Social Media and NCAA Recruiting

Divisions I and II look at social networking less in terms of the technology being used and more in terms of its recruiting impact.  NCAA rules do not allow comments about possible recruits on an institution’s social media page or a page belonging to someone affiliated with the institution...

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