Who Needs A Social Media Coach?

The power and reach that social media provides to athletes has forever changed the sports world at every level of every game. Professional athletes are building massive and engaged fan bases in record times. College athletes are using social media to build power and notoriety while they are still in school, which can work to their benefit when they are ready to step into the professional ranks. Even High School students are using social media to reach fans, but more importantly to market their talents to college coaches that were previously beyond reach.

The truth is that today social media has empowered athletes at every level to talk to a much wider audience than just a few short years ago… and therein lies the danger. With this new power and influence comes both responsibility and liability. Most athletes simply are not trained to understand the responsibilities that go with communication on this new global stage. In the past, sports stars built their reputations over time, but in the social media age they can build them over night. They can have the whole world talking about them in a matter of hours or even minutes…but will the talk be negative or positive?

Social Media Coach For Athletes provide social media training for athletes at every level of the sports world. We focus on responsible and effective social media skill development for athletes to ensure they do not become the next cautionary tale on the social media super highway. The news is littered with stories of athletes who damaged their names and careers because they did not understand how to use social media properly and in some cases cost themselves millions of potential and real dollars.

On the other side of the coin, there are many athletes who understand how to harness the power of social media and are reaping rewards as a result. Professional athletes are communicating with their fans in a whole new way and using their newfound influence to help charities, enhance their sponsorship and endorsement deals and even open entirely new revenue streams.

College athletes are also using social media to help charities and causes they care about, help their own team create relationships with the community and to build fans which may influence their future careers. There are many in the sports world who believe that in the not so distant future, social media reach will be a factor in professional athlete contract negotiations.

On the high school level athletes and social media are a perfect match. While they will likely never build the following of a college or professional athlete, their purpose is a different one. High school athletes are using social media to get a leg up in the recruiting process by making them more visible to coaches around the United States and around the world. More exposure equals more opportunities for athletic scholarships and more options for their college careers.

With all of this new power for athletes and social media, it is incredible that so many athletes do not seek out professional guidance. They are coached in every other aspect of their chosen sport, so why not get a coach for what is likely to be one of the most powerful aspects of their game? This is exactly where the Social Media Coach For Athletes steps in and helps athletes build the careers of their dreams.

With so much at stake in the social media world, can athletes really afford to leave it to chance? Take a look around our site and see for yourself why a Social Media Coach For Athletes has become an absolutely essential part of the game for athletes at every level.


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